Digital film productions with a message in mind!

Luke Draper has extensive experience in producing high quality digital films

  • Creative

    Sometimes it comes as inspiration but as Kurt Vonnegut said sometimes, “We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

  • Luke

    Luke is a well-known and highly talented director. Aside from producing digital films for The Center For Media Innovation, Luke Draper is also a Professor of film at Dixie State College Of Utah.

  • Success

    From creative brainstorming to producing and finalizing productions, Luke Draper commits to the project and sees it through to the end. Every project is given special attention to detail and consideration.

  • Education

    After graduating from Dixie State College in 2004, Luke continued his production career and is now attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco seeking a Master of Fine Arts in Motion Picture and Television.

Some of our work

  • That's Funny

    That’s Funny

    Malcolm asked me to act for his short film last minute, and this was the end result.

  • 3 Questions Dixie State College

    3 Questions Dixie State College

    5 students set out on a quest to find the Holy Grail. Sort of.... Anyway these students are asked questions about the school and its themes.

  • Dixie State College Film School

    Dixie State College Film School

    Commercial for the Dixie State College Film Program. We took some students and created a scene with Phil Tuckett, Ben Braten, Luke Draper, Adam Metcalf, and Bob Willard ( explosions courtesy of Bob!)

  • the enforcer

    the enforcer

    The enforcer gets the job done.


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    Good video productions have one thing in common. Good Pre-Production. I can provide great digital films by pre visualizing the film from start to finish with the client.

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    Years of experience and creativity have helped form my understanding of the production process. I know what is needed and how to produce the best product possible.

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    Post Production

    From broadcast news to feature film editing my post production skills have spanned the gamut. Editing theory and design have been integrated into my process and shaped the direction of my edits.

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